Timi Frank, others scheming to derail APC, Northern leaders allege

Prominent leaders in the North, on Sunday, eulogised the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun for his role in the reform agenda of the party, especially the issue of open and fair competition, execution of the party’s policies and the transformation of Nigeria from a beggarly status to one of self-sufficiency and respectability.

The leaders frowned at the actions of the suspended Deputy National Publicity Secretary of APC, Timi Frank and his sponsors.

The northern leaders are angry with Frank who they accused of not only pushing the party into a difficult position but plotting to rock the boat.

At an enlarged meeting in Yola, Adamawa State, the leaders said Frank’s call for Oyegun’s resignation was pointless.

“Timi Frank did not do justice to the avalanche of facts available on the achievements of Oyegun since he assumed office as national chairman of APC”

The leaders who are pushing for sanctions against Timi Frank and his co-conspirators painted a bright picture of Nigeria and APC, arguing that APC is cleaning the mess made by PDP and providing an atmosphere for sustainable development in the economic and social fields.

“APC is not in government for the fun of it. APC is in government to save the Nigerian people who have become deprived of good things of life for long. APC is in government to stop recklessness, wasteful spree and the insensitivities of PDP. The APC government is accountable, prudent and people oriented”

The northern leaders who met under the auspices of the APC United Front, described Oyegun as a pragmatic politician.

Leader of APC United Front, Alhaji Ibrahim Musa, in a statement said the northern leaders branded Timi Frank and his sponsors as traitors and tongue-lashed them for anti-party activities.

“To Frank, what counts most is the selfish interest of his sponsors. However, the consequence of swimming against the tidal waves is and will always be a disastrous one”

They advised the national leadership of the party to wield a big hammer by taking stronger measures against Frank and his sponsors.

“One of the good qualities of a statesman is the ability to subordinate self interest to wider national interest. Frank and his sponsors are today engaged in a political war against APC. It is an extremely unjust war, waged for no other purpose than to destroy APC”

“APC is the party of the people, the hope of the people” the leaders added.


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