Polio Immunisation: Kano monarch threatens parents with arrest

A traditional ruler in Ungogo Local Government Area of Kano State, Alhaji Abdulkadir Ahmed, on Friday, threatened to order the arrest of any defiant parent against polio vaccination exercise in the area.

The polio vaccination procedure includes marking the fingers of vaccinated children with indelible ink to avoid omission.

The threat followed reports of some parents painting their wards’ fingers with unauthorised ink to avoid the vaccination, as reported by some health officials.

Ahmed, who is the District Head of the LGA, gave the warning when an official of the World Health Organisation, Naziru Salihu, raised the alarm of fake thumb-printing during the evening review meeting of the just concluded July round of routine polio immunisation exercise in the state.

Salihu explained that during their visit to some households in the LGA, some parents claimed their wards had been vaccinated against polio by some health officials, showing them the usual mark of thumb-printing on the children’s fingers, which was later discovered to be “suspiciously different” ink used by the parents.

The district head warned that traditional rulers and other major stakeholders would not tolerate any move, capable of undermining the unrelenting efforts of stakeholders geared towards eradicating polio from the state.


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