Patients lament breakdown of CT machine in UCH

Patients have expressed displeasure at the frequent break down of the CT scan machine at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State.

A computed tomography scan uses x-rays to make detailed pictures of parts of any organ and the structures inside the body.

Doctors use CT scans to study various parts of the body, such as the brain, chest or belly. They are also used to assist or check on the success of a procedure or surgery.

An example of this is when a CT is used to guide a needle into the body during a tissue biopsy.

Patients who were scheduled for the test told our correspondent on Monday that they were tired of waiting for it to be repaired. One of them said that he had been on the queue to undergo a test at the neurology department of the hospital for a month.

According to him, the machine has been faulty for awhile now.

“The machine works on and off. Presently, it is not working but they told us that they had called in experts to attend to the problem. We want the hospital to get a definite solution and alternatives so we don’t have to be waiting for long,” he said.

Our correspondent also gathered that the radiotherapy machine, used for treating cancer patients at the tertiary hospital, had not been functioning optimally for some weeks.

A radiotherapy machine uses high-energy rays, usually x-rays and similar rays, such as electrons to treat disease. It destroys cancer cells in any part of the body that is being treated.

Although some patients complained about the state of the dialysis machine at the hospital, the hospital’s Chief Information Officer, Mr Ayodeji Bobade, told our correspondent that it was working perfectly.

Bobade also confirmed that because of pressure, the radiotherapy machine was overstretched, thus causing frequent breakdown. According to him, the hospital management has engaged an expert to repair the CT scan machine.


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