Vote of no confidence’ act of frustration, greediness – el-Rufai

In a swift reaction to the vote of no confidence passed on the Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El-Rufai by the Kaduna All Progressive Congress (APC) under the auspices of ‘APC AKIDA’, the governor has described their actions as mere demonstration of their frustration and greediness and a deliberate attempt to set the state on fire.

The governor who addressed the press through his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Samuel Aruwan reiterated that “Government cannot be deterred from doing what is important, necessary and consequential for our people. That is a more important goal than the ego and private interests of certain individuals.

” As you will recall, we have provided a robust response to the frustrations of the so-called Kaduna Restoration Group. The same response holds good for Tom Maiyashi and his factional ilk, who think that nothing can or should happen in this state except they say so.

“There is nothing new in what he said. Kaduna State is moving forward, whether the frustrated and the greedy elite like it or not. We acknowledge that the personal economic crisis of some of this elite is what they are disguising as political commentary”.

The APC chieftains had earlier condemned in very strong terms the sacking of over 4000 District and Village heads in the State, but the governor who gave reasons for doing so went further to say that, “even those who always condemned and displayed disrespect to our traditional institutions and religion, are now pretending to be their champions.

“The government is aware of funny games being played regarding the return to 77 districts. We have letters from some of the former district heads who are alleged to have sued the government dissociating themselves from the litigation.

“The government has consulted, made its decision and has already implemented it. Districts have been restructured in the better, longer-term interest of Kaduna State. Those who are concerned have already applied for appointment as District Heads. There is no need for all the baseless scaremongering” he stressed.


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