I forgive those who molested my supporters – Ndume

Sen Ali Ndume, on Sunday said that he had forgivien those who molested his supporters in Maiduguri.
It would be recalled that political thugs had on May 14, attacked Ndume’s supporters who gathred to welcome him at Bulunkutu and other areas of Maiduguri.

Ndume, representing Borno South, told newsmen in Maiduguri that he had resolved the issue with key politicians in the state and forgave those who attacked his supporters.

“My supporters were harrassed and molested by thugs in the metropolis despite the presence of police deployed to various locations at the time of the attack.

“What actually happened that fateful day there was a wedding of a daughter of one of our political big wigs and some of my supporters, I do not even know them flooded the metropolis with my posters.

“Sequel to that some people become apprehensive and attacked my supporters.

“We have settled the issue and the governor called me and personally apologised over the incident,” he said, adding that he has no grudges against anybody.”


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