CJN, Onnoghen‎ charges political class on rule of law

The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon Justice Walter Samuel Nkanu Onnoghen has charged the political class and other Nigerians to act within the confine of the law.

Speaking at the Cross River State reception and banquet in his honour, Justice Onnoghen said, “each and every one of us should try to leave within the confine of the law and the constitution of this country, if we are able to do just that, we would be sure of ensuring peace and unity.”

He further said, “We will be sure of making out justice because you see when we leave by the law and not by impunity, that is the way forward, so corporate with Judiciary of this country by leaving and doing everything you can within the ambit of the law because the law governs every activity of our daily lives.

“It has been set down and it is there, but when you go in and do something wrong and you say you can buy your way through, people think like that, it is no more and no longer fashionable, that is what have brought us to the state we are now, so please let us break away from that and God will bless.”

Justice Onnoghen thanked the people and government of Cross River State for the honour done him and his wife but corrected an impression that he was set to be Judge.

“Let me correct this impression that, I wanted to be a Judge; I wanted to be a lawyer by all means but I was not set to be a Judge. No, it was not part of my decision, that decision was made for me not by me.”

He said he thank God for the humility of realising that there was no other way for him except to do that which he ought to do.

“I have no regret for that at all”, he stated.

Presenting a customized Bible and a gold jewel to the Chief Justice, Governor Ben Ayade urged him to reconstruct the Judiciary of this country, pointing out that he was sure that he will make the state proud and that the Judiciary will finally be better.

“We, the people of Cross River State are proud of your legal history, we are particularly proud because we are sure by the time you are done, at the fullness of times, the people of Cross River State will once more say we are indeed not just leading in tourism, not just because we are very elegant class of people but truly we have very brilliant super stars who have risen to the top”, he said.


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