Benue: Police arrest alleged child abductors

The police in Benue state have arrested two women allegedly involved in the stealing of a nine months old baby from an under-aged nanny.

According to Commissioner of Police, Bashir Makama, who paraded the suspects along with five other criminal suspects during the commissioning of the junior officers’ mess, the suspects were intercepted by members of the Eminent Person’s Forum who suspected a foul play.

Over 200 locally made weapons and live ammunitions and cutlasses recovered, were exhibited, as part of the police scorecard in the last one year.

“We are assisting not just with information sharing but to also assist in specific areas of police/civil relations in policing members of the community that the police are drawn from to improve intelligence gathering for the overall society”.

Explaining the details of the arrest of the child thieves, he said, the nine months old baby was given that little girl and someone distracted her with an errand of N500, 00 and by the time she returns, the baby had been stolen to another community”.

The police boss commended collaboration between the force and the eminent person group for helping in intelligence gathering.

“We have achieved feedback mechanism with the collaboration of the Eminent Persons Forum.

“They tell us the things we need to improve on as criminal activities are on the decline, people are now willing to speak up when they see or suspect the commission of the crime, all because of confidence building between the police and the society”.

The clamp down on criminal activities like armed robbery, kidnapping and child theft, is yielding good results, especially with the passage of the capital punishment anti-kidnapping law 2017.

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