Group advocates fair treatment as panacea to address national issues

A Group called Fair Society Initiative & Citizen Campaign Against Poverty and Corruption, CACPAC, yesterday, advocated for fair treatment as panacea to address national issues.

This was stated by the Convener/Chief Mobiliser, CACPAC, Chief Ray Morphy, who said government should place Nigerians above themselves with more importance and welfare to achieve peace and development.

Morphy said the countries that have been fair to their citizens have made tremendous progress and everybody has a sense of belonging in national and individual issues.

He said: “We at fair society initiative believe that the basic solution to all problems of human society is located within the context of interpersonal interactions.

“A country in which the leaders are fair to the citizenry will be Eldorado, but one in which the citizens are brutally treated will remain a horror movie for all concerned. This is the difference between North Korea and Finland or Norway. This is all the difference between countries of Europe and countries of Africa.

“The so-called good countries recognize their citizens as assets and treat them fairly while the other countries regard their citizens as burdens and as such treat them unfairly. Crime, instability, insecurity and corruption are the result of the practice of unfairness while peace, growth, security and development is the product of the conscious practice of fairness.

“We know that once a majority adopts fairness in their dealings with one another, human society will automatically change for the better. Every interaction that is built on fairness results in a win-win situation for all parties.

“Every situation, every relationship that has fairness as its soul will bring peace, friendship, growth, happiness to all parties while the opposite of unfairness brings anger hostility, misery and war.

“The adoption of fair practices by any society is logical, it is necessary and it is an investment that yields the dividends of a better society for all. The practice of fairness simply involves putting oneself in the shoes of others and treating them as you would want to be treated.

“Who wants to be cheated? Who wants to be insulted, humiliated or diminished? Who wants his children to be out of school? Who wants to live in dirt and squalor? Who wants to be sent to the warfront without bullets? 

Who will like to be a patient in a hospital without light, without drugs and without staff? I guess no one. So to understand how to treat others we simply take how we would like to be treated and then treat others that way.”

Also as a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, he stated that for the country to achieve its dreams the following should be considered, regards for others, courage to do the right things, self discipline, justice, honesty, devotion to duty, belief in common humanity.

“Once we adopt fairness as a social principle, then our group and individual lives become immeasurably better, then our society and nation will regain its lost glory. Do join us in the effort to build a fairer society. 

All that is required is for you to treat everyone you meet fairly and justly. We all will benefit when we adopt this behavioural initiative and the whole society will be better for it.

“Just learn to treat everyone you interact with fairly. Whether they are rich or poor treat them fairly. Treat your customers fairly, treat your neighbour fairly. 

Treat your pupils fairly, treat your friends fairly, treat your spouse and children fairly and all together, we will have a much fairer society to the good of all and to the glory of God. 

Thank you as you experiment and reap the many dividends of the practice of fairness”, he stated.


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